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Class A finishes are obtained using our Large Object Indexed Downdraft Paint Iine. Items up to 11 feet in width and height can easily be accommodated. We specialize in Axalta Imron Elite and Sherwin Williams coatings utilizing our electrostatic equipment. Other products are available upon request. Vitatoe Industries also has extensive experience with Axalta Velvashield “soft touch” paint. Painted products are cured in carefully monitored curing ovens as part of our normal process. We regularly paint fiberglass, SMC,Metton, ABS, Polypropylene, aluminum and steel components and assemblies.


Conductive and nonconductive 2K primer is applied using the best and most efficient electrostatic equipment. Vitatoe Industries works with chemists to assure the best preparation techniques, application procedures and appropriate products are utilized for each customer product.


Assembly services are available in compliance to the customer’s specifications and instructions. We have over 23 years of experience assembling HD Class 8 truck interior and exterior components. From simple kit picking and part selection, to complex interior or structural components, our team members deliver quality assemblies just in time and just in sequence to speed up your production cycle.

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